Booking Info for Dr. Bongiovanni

We know the event you’re planning is important, so I’m thrilled that you found your way here.

Here are some of the reasons this will be a particularly memorable presentation.  You’ll benefit from:

Relevance and Expertise

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni is an expert in his field and an award-winning speaker with 22 years of experience identifying the root cause of the problem and a method to solve it. He is a published author, 2x TEDx speaker, international conference speaker, and his work has been published in several scientific journals.

You Need a Customized Program 

Dr. Bongiovanni researches the problems your organization is facing and makes sure his content is focused on your specific needs. He works with you by phone before his presentation to learn about the specific problems your team is facing, and offers a downloadable toolkit that helps you effortlessly plan for a successful, engaging event.

A Speaker Who is Easy to Work With

With over two decades of perfecting the art of listening and seeking first to understand, Dr. Bongiovanni puts you first. He plans his talks with your business in mind and with a results-oriented mindset, presents solutions you can use TODAY, further mitigating the burn of “re-entry” after his speaking engagement is over since as well as a post-event phone debrief.

You Need Real Tools You Can Use

Many programs are difficult to remember or simply fade away after a few days. Dr. Bongiovanni’s presentation is easy to understand, relatable, and has staying power. Dr. Bongiovanni teaches how you can define, engineer and experience wellbeing to perform at your fullest potential.

You Want an Interactive Presentation

Interesting and health-conscious celebrities like Suzanne Somers and Jonathan Goldsmith, “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, have shared the stage with Dr. Bongiovanni because they want their audiences to be captivated as well as educated.

You Need a Fresh & Updated Perspective

The pillars of love, purpose, and connection can be more powerful than what you eat, how much you exercise, or what you may be addicted to.  He believes we will finally have a culture when we can all bring our ‘whole self to work’ when we engineer a life of wellbeing.


I’m happy to provide any number of helpful resources to help you prepare for your event:

  • Bio 
  • Written Introduction 
  • Publicity Photos 
  • Speaker 1-sheet 
  • Program Descriptions 
  • Email Template to Send to Attendees
  • Samples of Dr. B’s Work 
  • A/V Set-Up 
  • Event Checklist To Ensure Event Success 
  • Participant Handouts 
  • Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Sizzle Reel 

If you require anything else you can reach me at