Where is the ROI, or better… ROWB?

I’m asking about your return on WELL-BEING!

I’m a doctor, perhaps my expertise over 20 years in science-based wellbeing medicine can help.

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Today’s top leaders understand cultivating TOTAL well-being will maximize business performance for ALL stakeholders.

Dr. Bongiovanni’s 4-Step Process to WIN, at the game of business or the game of life!

Go D.E.E.P.   …and WIN!



Listening to the patient is the key for any good diagnostician. What does wellbeing mean to YOU or YOUR organization?



Wellbeing can be engineered. It starts with a foundation of love, purpose and connection and then layers in aspects of your physical, financial, career, social and community wellbeing that are important to YOU.



Once defined and engineered, you can expect to EXPERIENCE wellbeing.  As a guide, I help steer the direction but you get control of the gas pedal, so wellbeing can happen slowly or quickly or at any pace you’re comfortable with…



People who perform at high levels put themselves or their organizations in prime position to WIN, however they choose to define winning.

Dr. B’s Most Popular Speaking & Workshop Topics

The Science of Love, Purpose, & Connection
Experiential Wellbeing, the Sly New Driver of Performance
  Connection is Currency:    Getting by with a little help from our friends
The Business Case for Wellbeing



Research is finding that 21st century employees are focusing more on mission, purpose, and work-life balance.

Joy at Work

“Joy not burnout should rule our day.” – Donald M. Berwick, MD

A growing number of organizations are innovating in pursuit of ‘joy in work’, and often attain significant, measurable results.


Purpose acts as a compass for business strategy, employee engagement and collaborations with internal and external stakeholders. By working with purpose as top of mind, you can scale business growth and positive impact in the process and turn purpose into profit.


“When there’s belonging at work, there’s engagement, and when there’s engagement, there’s productivity.” Jeff Boss, Forbes. As humans, we crave contact and connection with other people. It’s important for leaders to understand just HOW important social connections in the workplace really are.

For Event Planners

Dr. B captivating Suzanne Somers...and the crowd

Deeper Development Programs

When safe to travel again…take yourself or your people/team to the next level with a customized development program via a retreat setting. Your team will get personalized attention, devoted to experiencing and installing the principal foundation for total well-being that often gets neglected, overlooked or poo-poo’d. This program can be delivered as part of your corporate offsite retreat, or as part of a private group retreats facilitated by Dr. Bongiovanni for your group.